About the Program

Believing in the Police Program operates as follows:

  • Recruiting graduates from Yeshivot, Hesder Yeshivot and Mechinot to the Police Force.
  • Students take part in a year-long program which offers spiritual and professonal training in a unique program aimed to prepare them for leadership roles.
  • After the first year the police officers are monitored througout their training and thereafter.
  • A professional Beth Midrash for all Israeli poilce officers. In the Beth Midrash the students examine the Halachic rulings, accomapny all officers and pass on the appropriate ethics model to the Israel police.
  • The program includes a year of study followed by service in the various police units (patrol, detective work and investigations)and then to become an officer and hold a B.A. The aim is to complete this in five years.